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Style: CLX26928

SALE - WAS $184.95
Tapestry lace-up back corset - Emerald

SALE - WAS $184.95 Beautiful tapestry corset snuggly fits to your figure with a waist cinching, cleavage enhancing, lace up back. Has built-up, adjustable shoulder straps, easy access zipper front closure, garters and comes with a matching g-string (stockings not included)


Quick Overview

  • Gorgeous tapestry fabric
  • Waist-cinching, cleavage enhancing lace-up back
  • Built-up adjustable shoulder straps
  • Easy access zipper front closure
  • Sexy lace-up back
  • Wear with or without garters and stockings
  • Comes with a matching g-string

Size Chart

Size Bust Waist Hips Size
Queen 101-129cm 81-109cm 106-134cm 16-22
XL 101-109cm 78-86cm 104-111cm 14-16
1X 106-114cm 86-94cm 111-119cm 16-18
2X 114-122cm 94-101cm 119-127cm 18-20
3X 122-129cm 101-109cm 127-134cm 20-22
4X 129-137cm 109-117cm 134-142cm 22-24
5X 137-145cm 117-124cm 142-150cm 24-26
6X 145-152cm 124-132cm 150-158cm 26-28
1/2X 106-122cm 86-101cm 111-127cm 16-20
3/4X 122-137cm 101-117cm 127-142cm 20-24
5/6X 137-152cm 117-132cm 142-158cm 24-28
38" (XL) 98-106cm 78-86cm 103-111cm 16
40" (1X) 106-114cm 86-94cm 111-119cm 18
42" (2X) 114-121cm 94-101cm 119-127cm 20
44" (3X) 121-129cm 101-109cm 127-134cm 22
46" (4X) 129-137cm 109-116cm 134-142cm 24
48" (5X) 137-144cm 116-124cm 142-149cm 26
50" (6X) 144-152cm 124-132cm 149-157cm 28
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