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Plus Size Lingerie Size Chart and Styling Advice

Cuddles and Curves Lingerie has over 15 years of experience retailing lingerie online, specialising in plus size lingerie. We rarely have items returned for exchange due to sizing issues. This is because our items are made specifically for the plus size figure, giving room where you need it whilst emphasising your curves to perfection!

What's Your Size?

We currently offer plus size lingerie in Australian sizes 16 to 28. To avoid any sizing issues we recommend that you work out your size according to our size chart below. You will need three measurements in centimetres - your bust, hip and waist measurements.

Tips to remember when taking your measurements

- It's best to wear your underwear while taking measurements

- Hold the tape measure gently, but not tightly, against your skin

- For your bust measurment, measure around the fullest part of the bust

- For your waist measurement, measure loosely around the narrowest part of the waist

- For your hip measurement, measure around the fullest part of the hips

What Now?

Use your measurements to work out your size according the size chart below.

Plus Size Lingerie Size Chart

Size Bust Waist Hips Size
Queen 101-129cm 81-109cm 106-134cm 16-22
XL 101-109cm 78-86cm 104-111cm 14-16
1X 106-114cm 86-94cm 111-119cm 16-18
2X 114-122cm 94-101cm 119-127cm 18-20
3X 122-129cm 101-109cm 127-134cm 20-22
4X 129-137cm 109-117cm 134-142cm 22-24
5X 137-145cm 117-124cm 142-150cm 24-26
6X 145-152cm 124-132cm 150-158cm 26-28
1/2X 106-122cm 86-101cm 111-127cm 16-20
3/4X 122-137cm 101-117cm 127-142cm 20-24
5/6X 137-152cm 117-132cm 142-158cm 24-28
38" (XL) 98-106cm 78-86cm 103-111cm 16
40" (1X) 106-114cm 86-94cm 111-119cm 18
42" (2X) 114-121cm 94-101cm 119-127cm 20
44" (3X) 121-129cm 101-109cm 127-134cm 22
46" (4X) 129-137cm 109-116cm 134-142cm 24
48" (5X) 137-144cm 116-124cm 142-149cm 26
50" (6X) 144-152cm 124-132cm 149-157cm 28

Need some help?

Remember, we're always here to help! If you have any problems or questions about sizing please don't hesitate to contact us via email or phone.

Styling Advice

At Cuddles and Curves Lingerie we specialise in beautiful, sexy and erotic lingerie for plus sizes as we believe that curvy women deserve to feel pretty, sexy and raunchy whenever they want to! Here are top styling tips:

- Know your body shape; Buy lingerie that emphasises your best features

- Buy for yourself; Treat yourself to something that will make you feel great!

- Don't be embarassed about your measurements or lingerie size; It doesn't matter what the tag says, your lingerie just needs to be comfortable

- Finally, Have fun wearing your lingerie; It's not just for special occasions!

If you have any styling tips we'd love to share them! Feel free to email us your tips by clicking here.